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Benefits Of New Build Houses

Increase the value of your property (ask local estate agents for more Information)

Save money on the cost of stepping up to a bigger house (garage conversion cost less than the moving costs without even taking into account the actual cost of the larger house.

You like where you live …You would just like some more space….


Why Choose us?

We hope that our small committed team might appeal to you. If you prefer a large franchised company or a huge double glazing company handling your garage conversion then we are not for you!

when we come to your home and evaluate your garage room conversion you could then judge for yourself! We feel that your home is a very personnel environment.

Our view is like most other small family businesses, in that you should only offer a service that you would be happy to purchase from somebody else. We see you and your family as fellow human beings.

You won’ t need to ring up head office to see how the garage conversion is going, or to change any of your ideas just knock on the garage door and have a chat!


The questions that you need to ask

If you are considering a garage conversion, there are a number of important questions that you will need to ask. Try to think of it as a fact-finding mission, by establishing a few key points now, you could avoid a lot of hassle further down the line. Many expensive mistakes are a direct result of miss-information or not asking the right questions at the start of a project.

Here are examples of the kind of questions that you will need to ask before you start your garage conversion project;

  • What kind of garage do I have – and what can I do with it?
  • How do I go about creating my garage conversion plans?
  • How can I create a budget for my garage conversion?
  • What are the best ways of ensuring that I add value to my home?
  • Do I need planning permission – and how do I obtain it?
  • Are there any building regulations that I need to adhere to?
  • What flooring/roofing/insulation and wall changes are needed?
  • Are there any specific electrical requirements?
  • What kind of windows and doors can I use?
  • How do I choose the right builder/architect for the job?

Before you commence with your garage conversion, it’s vital to get answers to all of the above questions. By arming yourself with the information that you need, you will be fully prepared for any eventuality and can potentially avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes.

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